The Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform is founded on the principle that waste is a valuable resource of nutrients, energy and other high-value products.

Our mission is to promote sustainable nutrient management on the island of Ireland in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. The Platform seeks to enhance economic prosperity, whilst safeguarding the environment, by supporting the implementation of a nutrient circular and sustainable society, through stakeholder co-operation, value chain development, corporate responsibility, education, technological innovation, knowledge exchange and informing policy.

Our vision is to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda – with respect to food, waste, climate, economic development and protection of the environment – across the island of Ireland through a stakeholder-led coalition. This envisions waste as a valuable nutrient resource and advocates for its sustainable reuse.

The Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland commissioned establishment under the auspices of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Agenda. This cross-border initiative will be facilitated by NUI-Galway and Queen’s University Belfast.

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Our Vision

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